Press Agency

We select, screen and convey the flowof information from our clients to the media: newspapers, radio and TVbroadcasters, magazines etc. to reach specific niche segments as well as thewider mass market.
We organise, collate and archive company profiles and basic information tools (press kits with info on products,services offered, bios, company history, photos and images, videos etc.)
We measure and track news and information about your Company, including their fonts.
We are in close contact and collaboratewith journalists, press officers, key political figures, trade unions andcultural representatives;
We organise press conferences;
We compile daily press reviews and produce thematic reports;
We identify the key strengths of eachof our clients and redeploy them for their promotion;
We distribute informative material to thepress, organise interviews and deliver videos to TV broadcasters.

ecoturismo mediterraneo

Isida – Francesco Caltagirone

Il ruolo dei media e della giustizia. Facoltà Giurisprudenza 7.05.07

Provincia Regionale di Palermo

Vogue Japan


Libro: “Vivo è, i mercati del pesce in Sicilia”- a cura di Andrea Zanfi – Carlo Cambi Editore

Libro: “Viaggio tra i Grandi vini di Sicilia”- a cura di Andrea Zanfi – Carlo Cambi Editore

Libro: “Palermo, curiosando tra i rosanero” Roberto Gueli, Paolo Vannini – Edizioni Antemprima

Rassegna “Laboratorio Orizzontale” marzo-maggio 2008, Atelier Nuovo Montevergini, Palermo

Don Giovanni, Ars Nova

Sicilia in tavola: vetrina natalizia di prodotti tipici locali – Dicembre 2004

“Vetri di luce” Light Party 28/07/07- Punta Sottile, Favignana